Many of us occasionally buy a plant, only to see it eventually wilt after months of dehydration and perhaps the wrong temperature/lighting situation. Creator “MagicManu,” however, is able to care for his plants in style with the TerraDome, an octagon-shaped that regulates temperature, lighting, and even has a pair of doors that automatically swing open if things get too hot inside.

Temperature and humidity are sensed by a DHT11 module, which feeds to an Arduino Mega. The Arduino then maintains temperature via a PID loop, and RGB LEDs indicate whether it’s in range, too hot, or too cold. In addition, a heating unit meant for reptiles works to maintain the proper temperature, and if things get too hot, the doors open via a pair of servos, and a power supply fan is used to exhaust air. An LED ring is employed to promote plant growth, as of now four tropical specimens ordered off of the Internet.

What really sets this build apart is its Park-inspired octagon shape and style. You can see the whole story of how it was assembled in the video below, though the video is narrated in French. For those that would simply like a dinosaur-themed short clip of what this terrarium is all about, check out the second entertaining “dinosaur incubator” video.

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