The game does a nice job of the formula of tapping at the right on its head. Instead doing that, you’ll need to tap and hold the screen and then release at the right .

Taking inspiration from virtual videos of dogs who fail to catch treats tossed to them, gamers will need to help their catch as much good possible that’s falling from the table. The longer you hold the screen, the wider ’s mouth opens.

Some of the food you’ll try to be catching includes pizza, apples, hotdogs, watermelons, hamburgers, ice creams, and dog bones. Just make sure to avoid the broccoli.

You don’t need an Internet connection to play, and the game is perfect for all ages. While playing, you can unlock 75 different types of swag for Doggo a Taco Hat, Shutter Shades, and More.

While earning achievements, you can also battle against friends to see who can get higher on the leaderboard.

Doggo Time is designed for both the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be downloaded now on the Store for free.

With a fun new twist on the usual arcade game, Super Doggo Snack Time is a fun an exciting way for any age to spend a few minutes gaming.

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