Don’t tell me you still have one those old dumb locks on your doors. What year is it again? It’s time to try a lock. They not only keep you safe, but they have features that your old lock never dreamed of.

is Smarter than the Average Smart Lock

Like the ability to approach your front , have it unlock automatically and then after you enter, the will lock itself. Now, are you seeing why you have to join the of us in 2018?

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If you’re to make your home a little smarter, a smart lock is a good place to start and KeyWe should be first on your list.

So what does the KeyWe have that your current lock does not? Well, it’s built with an Ansi grade 2 deadbolt and strong materials. It also gives you 6 different ways to open your doors. It also comes with Z-wave and Bluetooth. Plus, it’s affordable.

Sure, it’s smart, but it was developed with your safety and as a priority. Install this smart lock and your home is instantly much safer. I already mentioned the Ansi Grade 2 Deadbolt, but even more impressive is that the aluminum used is so strong because it is the same kind they use to build airplanes and boats. It doesn’t get much tougher than that.

The connection between the KeyWe and the door lock is 8 bit AES encryption, so even the signals between the app and hardware are encrypted and are constantly updated for constant top-notch security. This lock actually takes things a bit further, because if there is an attempt to jailbreak or rooting the device, the app will block logins and delete all .

KeyWe Is A Smart Lock For Your Home  - KeyWe Is A Smart Lock For Your Home1 - KeyWe Is A Smart Lock For Your Home

KeyWe protects your home.

Security and Convenience

Other features include auto lock and unlock, a touchpad that cab store up to 20 passcodes, one-time passcode, guest , NFC and mechanical .

These features are pretty convenient. For instance, if you’re expecting a package, you could give a one-time passcode to the delivery agent. Your package will be waiting when you get home. The passcode lasts for only 2 minutes. That’s a smart lock feature that I love.

KeyWe Is A Smart Lock For Your Home

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