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Input Club might be a name that is not familiar to many, but it is actually a computer hardware setup that has just rolled out its brand new flagship mechanical keyboard that is known as . The mechanical will boast of a condensed full-size layout, where it is accompanied by artistic RGB lighting as well as bespoke mechanical switches that will certainly place a smile on many a corporate typist or even the budding author, making it a step forward for those who love to type all over the world. The Kira mechanical is now a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise enough funds along the way to make it a reality.

It is said that this is a mechanical keyboard that was specially built with input from those who love typing. After all, it is said that generic big-brand keyboards tend to be a horrific abuse when it comes to the term “value engineering,” which is a business practice that was created just to roll out typist-punishing, low-quality peripherals. The Kira mechanical keyboard intends to go against the grain in this way, which translates to quality parts all the way from bottom to . In fact, it is built up from a list of exacting features, where it has fully mechanical switches that happen to have more in common with a typewriter compared to a typical MacBook.

Not only that, it will make use of CNC-milled aluminum for its frame, while revolutionary RGB lighting underpins its case, resulting in a totally pleasing and completely customizable glow. You can call it extremely functional art if you want to, but this is a piece of art that makes life a whole lot more productive, that is for sure. This is certainly a keyboard that you might want to consider getting for that typist in your life.

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