- 81CMuIviG2L - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST

The AZ901 Astro is cheap, functional and has Optical !

It’s not every day that you come across a camera that can show you the leaves on a tree when you can’t even see them with your bare eyes. I tested the Pixpro AZ901 from Kodak and I was amazed by the fact that this thing can zoom in 90 times.

I’m far from a professional photographer, but I know a thing or two about ISO, shutterspeed and aperature. However, these pictures you’re going to see were shot on manual, because I wasn’t really familiar with the Kodak settings yet.

- 100 0010 - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST

This first picture was taken from in my room, not zoomed in and handheld. As you can see there’s a tree in the distance.

- 100 0011 - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST

This is taken on the same spot, but with 90X zoom. It’s not perfectly sharp, but note that this was also taken handheld and it was completetly zoomed in. Pretty nice if you ask me.

- 100 0014 - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST

Again picture taken from my room, but as you can see in the distance, there’s a brown horse. I zoomed in 90 times and got this result on a tripod:

- 100 0017 - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST

It’s sharper than the first picture, but not amazing as well. However it’s still awesome that you get this result with a rather cheap camera. (Only 450$)




  • The 90X Zoom is
  • Very well built and sturdy
  • Shoots video as well at 80 – 25fps
  • Flip out screen
  • Long battery life
  • Overall good quality pictures


  • Not amazingly sharp when completely zoomed in
  • Troubles with autofocus, not very good, but you can put it on manual in this case
  • Not that easy to operate and steep learning curve
  • You get what you buy: you can’t change lenses
  • No mic input for filming

- 718aJymsEXL - Kodak AZ901 – EPIC 90X ZOOM Beast! [REVIEW] + TEST



The Kodak PIXPRO AZ901 is worth it’s 450$ price tag. You have 90x optical zoom, which is great for nature or sports photography and the image quality is good. It’s not the most amazing high end camera, but it does the job if you’re looking for a first camera to try out long distance shooting. You can find the AZ901 here.

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