platform provider wants to boost IoT app development with the release of its new solution: . The company recently unveiled the solution at the Consumer Electronics Show last . The solution focuses on IoT development, and is designed to reduce the it takes to build IoT apps by 40 percent, according to the company.

“We believe developers should not have to redo the same complex and costly backend tasks with every new project: setup databases, search indexes, API, notifications, realtime engine, geofencing & IoT capabilities,” the company wrote on its website.

The backend platform enables a wide variety of industries to bring their digital products from inception to market in weeks instead of months, according to Kuzzle. The platform includes -time, multi-device, multi-protocol, geo-, geo-fencing, , device provisioning and user authentication features. It supports apps and hybrid or native apps as well as IoT projects.

“Our innovative backend solution revolutionizes the world of development and is a perfect solution to face today’s digital transformation challenges,” said Jacques Le Conte, CEO of Kuzzle.

While Kuzzle is based out of France, it used CES as a platform to expose the solution to the United States market. Kuzzle’s mission is to enable global banks, media publishers, and healthcare companies to speed up their digital transformation initiatives by ensuring developers don’t have to waste time building their entire web apps, mobile apps, IoT apps or even middleware components entirely from scratch. The platform backend development can consume up to 60 percent of an overall project, the company said.

“Once they break free of developing the backend for their next-generation apps, digital product teams will be able to fully enhance their customers’ experience with an eye towards growing their business,” said Le Conte. “Having received an incredible amount of praise and feedback, I am proud to drive the international development of this project, which demonstrates our ability to offer the next generation of innovative real time IoT and digital products.”

Other features include: a scalable server, multi-protocol API, an admin console, and a set of plugins designed for real-time pub/sub and geospatial queries.


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