Here’s the Rover we can actually afford– Rover . Yeah, it won’t take us anywhere, but at least it can help us fix our precision work problems. And help us open a bottle of beer while we’re at it too!

The Land Rover Defender Multi Tool is constructed entirely out of steel. Hence, we expect it to take on any repair job you have for it. However, it’s form factor tells you it’s not meant for heavy-duty tasks. For that, you’d better stick with your power tools for that. What we mean is, if you’re planning to loosen that rusty bolt under the hood, better get a full-blown spanner. But for the tightening the newly installed screws, this multi-tool will definitely do.

- land rover thickness - Land Rover Defender Multi Tool

It has eleven tools cleverly crafted into one credit-card sized repair gear that exactly takes after the silhouette of a Land Rover Defender. It has the tire tread gauge so you can check how much tread is left on your tires before you take that long trip. Plus, there are the screwdriver, a wire cutter, a range of spanners (m5-m10), and a bottle opener.

- pouch - Land Rover Defender Multi Tool

Simply put, you are fixing your SUV with the help of another SUV. Yeah, it doesn’t make the job any easier and there are other multi-tools this size, but the thought of fixing your Defender with another Defender is just very cute and interesting.

But that doesn’t mean it only works with this vehicle. The makers made sure it may also be used with a lot of other repair needs be it in your vehicle or at .

It also comes with a faux-suede pouch so you can tag it along with extra class although you may also store it in your wallet. But looking at its thickness, this will surely add a big chunk of bulk to your wallet.

- land rover pouch - Land Rover Defender Multi Tool


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