Visually, Let Them Come has an awesome 16-bit pixel art style aesthetic that falls in line with many other games. As someone who grew up in the ’90s, I definitely appreciate these visuals. Despite the pixelated appearance, I found everything to fairly detailed, the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the barren spaceship, as well as the various hostile aliens that can explode upon death. While the setting of the game is going to be dim overall, the lighting ends up being a bit dynamic because of your weapon and bursting neon alien corpses. Animations are smooth and fluid in Let Them Come, with no lag or choppiness on my iPhone 8 Plus. The game also features a heavy metal soundtrack with unlockable mixtapes as you progress, which is just appropriate when you’re the only human left.

In Let Them Come, you’ll control Rock Guner as he faces off against waves of alien lifeforms. As you clear waves, you won’t be able to go back and grind, which is an unfortunate flaw of the game made apparent as you reach the first challenging boss level. Each time you die, you’ll have to start off at the beginning of the wave you died on, so Let Them Come gets increasingly more difficult as you get further along.

As you kill enemies, you earn coins, which doubles as your score. You spend the coins in the ship’s inventory stash, where you can purchase various weapon and passive upgrades, as well as mixtapes. If you your mind on a purchase, you can also sell it back for the same amount of coin that you bought it for, though the buttons for this aren’t too clearly labeled. There’s a mix of various bullets, melee weapons, grenades, health increases, and more. Of course, the better an upgrade is, the more expensive it will be, so save up those points.

Once you have purchased an upgrade, it stays in the inventory until you decide to equip it into your loadout. To do this, just drag-and-drop what you want to use into the appropriate slots at the bottom. You can have up to four passive skills, two secondary weapons (melee and grenades), and two ammo types.

Controls in Let Them Come are simple but can feel a bit clunky. Since Rock Guner is stationary behind a machine gun on the ship, you’re for aiming and shooting from that single spot. Along the left hand side of the screen is a slider that allows you to aim the weapon. To shoot, just long-press on the button of the ammo you want to use. Yes, the gun can overheat, which you can gauge with the next to your weapon loadout. If it’s getting dangerous, the rate of fire drops significantly until it can cool down, so make sure to keep an eye out on it. If enemies get too close, you can to use your melee weapon instead by tapping on it to use.

Near the top right of the screen will be your combo meter. This indicates the number of consecutive kills you currently have. Once it’s full, you can get a bonus unlock to use for this round. These include useful items like unlimited item use (some ammo rounds have a limited number before you need to refill), more health, resupply, have enemies explode on death, and more, including the all-powerful Frenzy Mode. Your bonuses are always randomized, so you’ll always end up with a surprise of what to expect.

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