is fast becoming one of the hottest names in audio. Though the Danish company’s lineup of speakers and is small, it continues to grow. Until recently, I felt more like a kid staring into a candy store window when it came to the company. I had heard some great things but hadn’t yet experienced a product. Until now.

In recent weeks, I’ve been putting the newly released Libratone + Wireless In-Ear headphones through the paces. Priced at $199, the Bluetooth earphones were first announced at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) in January. Featuring a flexible form factor and designed for commuters, travelers, and athletes alike, the + is close to perfect, which is saying a lot given the ever-expanding consumer electronics market.

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Available in “stormy” black and “cloudy” white, the Track+ features thick rubber cables and a bendable neckband. On each end, you’ll find uniquely designed earbuds made of metal and plastic. Created to fit comfortably and safely in a small pocket, the Track+ ships with four sets of ear tips and a pair of sports tips. As you should do with all earbuds, make sure to select the tips that are right for you. It does make a .

Comfortable Fit

Thanks to the angle of the matte metallic piece on either end, the Track+ is among the most comfortable headphones I have found on the market. During two weeks of tests, I wore these things upwards to hours per day with no problems. And yes, this included trips to the gym for journeys on an elliptical. (The Track+ is sweat-proof up to IPX4.)

While the headphones stayed snug when I was on that elliptical, I had less success when wearing them during lifts. They kept falling out of my ears, regardless of the ear tip.

About Those Controls

The control module on the right side of the Libratone Track+ is standard. It includes volume up and down buttons and a play/pause button. You can also fast-forward your content with a double-click and initiate Apple Siri with a click and hold. The headphones will also work with , where applicable.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that’s high-quality, offers excellent sound, and looks terrific, you can’t go wrong with these. Just keep them in your pocket when doing squats and find a case for overnight storage.

There’s also a one-button module on the left side of the device which serves three purposes. A click and hold will turn the device on/off while a quick click will cycle through four levels of noise cancellation. A double click switches the ambient mode on/off. You’ll also find the MicroUSB charging port on this end. (More on this later.)

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The Libratone Tracks+ offers clear and balanced sound, which Libratone calls “neutral” tone. You can also add extra bass or enhanced treble using the app.

What about the battery? The Libratone Track+ offers eight hours of battery life between charges. You need just one hour to get a full charge.

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