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With the recent launch of our new Android and Kotlin books, courses, and screencasts, I thought some of you might be looking for a good to go along with it all.

So – I’d like to introduce you to Android Snacks – a podcast by our friend Michael Scamell. I’ve asked him to explain what the podcast is all about, and his description is below! :]

Note: Do you have any Android podcasts you’d like to recommend to fellow readers? Please join the forum discussion below!

About Android Snacks

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Have you ever got to the end of the week and you realized you don’t know what’s going in the Android world? Have you ever looked at your inbox and seen that 2 week old Android newsletter email that you meant to read?

Do you wish there was just some way to keep up with it all?

Well now you can!

The Android Snacks podcast is the TL;DR of last weeks Android Developer news. In 5 minutes find out about the best blog posts, the latest talks, the newest libraries and all the other stuff like podcasts or videos.

Let Mike Scamell and his occasional Australian robot co-host Sheila take you on a journey to Android news enlightenment with the occasional attempt at humor.

Episode Highlights

Here are some episode highlights. And make sure you always listen until the end…..

Episode 2 (or what happens when you tell your Mum and Dad Jake Wharton’s left Square) Link

Episode 13 (or what happens when your co-host doesn’t like you) Link

Episode 23 (or when Jake Wharton whistled the podcast intro) Link

Where to Go From Here?

We hope you enjoy Android Snacks, and definitely let us know if you have any other podcasts you recommend!

And don’t forget – our special Android Avalanche Bundle sale ends next Friday, March 30 – be sure to order your copy before the deal is over!

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