I have a high level of experience making production systems in Scala/Spark and the of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Generally our and Development team does a proof of concept. My job is to take there code ran generally on a their local machines and convert/rewrite and simplify it to be ran in a production manner across billions of records instead of a few thousand.

I get to do alot of thinking around how to optimize the code, make things more efficient and fit into our ecosystem. Sometimes though pieces are just black . No matter how much I try to understand them I am just lacking knowledge. This is fine though as long as the output I produce is correct.

I am looking for a few books. Perferably on Audible.

  1. intro book into doing the research side of software development

  2. The go to book for researching in the software field

  3. intro book into Nlp from a research side

  4. advanced book into Nlp from a research side

  5. intro book into machine learning

  6. advanced book into machine learning

  7. applying big in a research capacity

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