The AR allow you to explore the crannies and nooks of the moon right in your palm. The 3D-printed moon model is created by AstroReality, a San Francisco-based company. It is designed to mimic the exact dead volcanoes, mares, craters, and other moon features which allow you to explore it with the use of its accompanying AR (AstroReality ).

- LUNAR AR Moon Models 2 - Lunar AR Moon Models: The Ultimate Gift for Astronomy Aficionados

The designers made it a point to use the actual images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to create the precise and perfectly textured Lunar AR Moon Models. The models are accurately printed with 0.006 millimeters per pixel resolution so it will portray the exact features of the moon. It even looks magnificent because the models are hand-painted finished.

- LUNAR AR Moon Models 1 - Lunar AR Moon Models: The Ultimate Gift for Astronomy Aficionados

The best part comes in when you install the augmented-reality (AR) app that lets you explore features across the moon’s surface. Distinguishing mares from craters is only the beginning. Likewise, you can also investigate NASA’s Apollo mission landing sites. If you select one of the landing sites, the app will show videos, photos, and other mission information.

The Lunar AR Moon Models even feature China’s Yutu moon rover that landed on the moon in 2013. The Lunar has 3 models, namely: Lunar Pro, Lunar Regular, and Lunar Mini. The Lunar Pro model is currently undergoing various developments on the series of ‘moon tasks’ so you can virtually simulate the acts done by Apollo Astronauts on the moon.

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The Lunar Pro has a grapefruit size that’s priced at $200; the Lunar regular is about 8 cm. or 3 inches in diameter and costs $89, and the Lunar mini is just over 3 cm in diameter and it’s priced at $49. The Lunar models are designed with sturdy polyresin material; however, it is highly recommended that children under 14 years of age must be supervised to prevent any accidental damage to the Lunar models.


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