For designers, it’s important to take advantage of tools that empower you to do your thing without getting in your way. You need flexibility and efficiency without sacrificing quality. The amazing thing is that you no longer need to hop around from tool to tool to get the best of everything.

With Wix, you have it all in one place. Wix provides web professionals with a platform that enables total creative freedom. You can build the exact website you want with no comprises. In other words, Wix helps you to make the web your playground.

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Professional Quality Websites Built Your Way

Whatever your project requirements, budget or timeframe, Wix gives you plenty of options to make the most out of your site. You can start your build from scratch or take advantage of the hundreds of top-notch templates available to get you up and running in no . Either way, you’ll have everything you need to design a fully-professional website that looks great on any device:

An Incredibly Simple UI

With the Wix Editor, the process of adding and positioning any of the hundreds of available design elements is a matter of dragging and dropping them within your template. There are no hoops to jump through. By making things simple, Wix helps you get projects done more quickly.

Code Friendly

Developers will love the power of using Wix Code. You’ll have full control of your site’s functionality using both JavaScript and Wix APIs. Create databases, dynamic content, custom forms and more. Even better is that everything works within the same, highly-visual, Wix UI.

Harness the Power of ADI

Want to take advantage of the future of design? Then you’ll want to check out Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). Just answer a few questions and the system will design a beautiful, unique site – just for you.

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The Right Features for Any Type of Website

Whether you’re building a website for yourself or a client, you’ll find the features and functionality you need to do the job right. Among the features that can be easily added to your website:

Wix Stores

Sell physical or virtual goods online with ease. Inside, you’ll find the features you expect in an ecommerce suite, such as the ability to add unlimited products, manage shipping and pickup options, promotional tools like integrated email marketing, coupons and sale pricing. Plus, securely take payments via PayPal, credit card or even offline. A SSL certificate is included to ensure the utmost security.

Wix Bookings, Wix Hotels Booking System and Wix Restaurants

If your business needs the ability to take online bookings, Wix has you covered. can appointments, rooms or a table for two in a jiffy. You’ll love that all bookings come with no commission sales.

Wix Music

Musicians and bands can stream and sell their music directly from their own website. Listeners can share and download songs. Plus, it’s easy to bring in audio from outside sources such as Spotify and SoundCloud.

Wix Art

Artists now have a way to sell both digital and physical work with Wix Art Store. See your work appear on products such as bags, mugs, canvasses and more. And, you won’t have to worry about packing, shipping or payment processing – it’s all included.

Wix Blog

A full-featured blog is crucial to keeping in with your customers and the community at-large. With Wix Blogs, you can build a beautiful blog in just minutes. It comes complete with built-in social features and support for multiple authors.

Apps for Every Need

Need something else? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the Wix App Market. Explore the wide variety of available features you can add to your site with just a few clicks.

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The Extras That Make a Difference

Wix not only offers you the world’s most technologically advanced platform for building websites, they also provide access to features and design assets that you won’t find anywhere else. At least, not under one roof! For example, the Wix Image Library contains thousands of you can use for free (through Wix and Shutterstock) on your site. And you can display , autoplay videos and text via over 0 high-quality media galleries.

Wix also understands the importance of building a site that is truly your own. So they have made the ability to customize every aspect of your site a priority. For instance, choose from hundreds of fonts or upload your own. Or add some modern touches with animation and parallax scrolling effects. When it comes to formatting, you can create grids and layouts that match your needs perfectly. And, while it’s important to have a site that’s both beautiful and functional, it’s just as vital to ensure that potential customers can find you.

That’s why Wix has integrated SEO tools to help you get listed in search engines. Plus, you’ll gain valuable insights through the new FAQ widget. It provides you with instant answers to the most common SEO-related questions.

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Start Building with Wix for Free

If you haven’t tried Wix before, now is the time to take it for a test drive. Experience this all-in-one platform’s power and user-friendly UI. Discover the possibilities for building an amazing, -friendly website in the most efficient way possible. Want to more about how web professionals are using Wix? Check out their Playground and start building your own online masterpiece for free.

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