On this week’s episode of Making Simple, Susara van den Heever, Science Program Director, IBM Analytics, sits down with us to give insights on practices that improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Learn the differences between predictive and prescriptive analytics, and how to leverage both to solve your business problems.

Show Notes:

00:24 – Connect with Al Martin on LinkedIn and Twitter.

00:55 – Connect with Susara van den Heever on LinkedIn and Twitter.

01:54 – Get a quick to descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics here.

03:03 – more about decision optimization in Susara’s IBM Analytics article.

06:50 – Learn more about IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio here.

:24 – Check out this article to learn more about predictive analytics.

14:51 – Not familiar with Spark? Read more about it here.

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