Are you getting enough sleep? On this ’s episode of Making Simple, Dr. Kyu Rhee, Vice President and Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health, joins us to talk about how machine learning, AI, and Watson are advancing healthcare initiatives. Learn how far we have come in the health industry, what the future holds for and healthcare, and Dr. Rhee’s tips for Al about sleep.

Show notes

00.25 Connect with Al Martin on Twitter and LinkedIn.

01.00 Connect with Dr. Kyu Rhee on Twitter and LinkedIn.

02.55 Learn more about the National Institute of Health.

04.20 Learn more about the Health Science Program at Yale University.

05.30 What is Obamacare?

09.00 Check out more info on IBM Watson Medical.

16.20 Learn more about AI in the Healthcare industry and the Top 12 Ways AI will impact Healthcare.

22.30 Learn more about life expectancy changes in the U.S.

27.50 Know your BMI? Learn more about the numbers Dr.Kyu Rhee talks about.

30.15 Take a look at Good to Great by Jim Collins.

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