Mercedes-Benz has unveiled an experimental Connected Vehicles API for developers, the first such for the Daimler-owned automaker.

Through the API, developers can have access to telematics , such as a vehicle’s location, tire pressure and fuel levels, as well as vehicle , such as its model year, horse power and fuel type. In addition, the Vehicle API offers access to certain vehicle functions, like door controls, giving developers the ability to build applications that, for instance, can lock and unlock doors.

Ultimately, Mercedes-Benz believes that the new API will help support the creation of “better services and driving experiences.”

Mercedes-Benz notes that the new API “is not fully developed, but already very close to the final version.” Support in will be coming soon but currently, the API can be tested using a simulator offered by HIGH MOBILITY, a universal auto API and developer platform that Mercedes-Benz, as well as other automakers, like Porsche, have teamed with.

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According to HIGH MOBILITY, Mercedes-Benz’s Connected Vehicle API “is a part of the Mercedes-Benz /developers, a Developer Platform which already offers Car Configurator, Dealer and Vehicle Images APIs.” HIGH MOBILITY says there is already significant interest in building connected apps for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. At the automaker’s Digital Challenge, thousands of developers registered to build applications using a simulator similar to its own.

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