“Watches are the only jewelry men can wear unless you’re Mr. T” – Gordon Bethune

Smartwatch isn’t just a timepiece, it’s a wearable computer. So move over analog and digital, it’s smartwatch .

Lots of smartwatch brands are made available to the market nowadays. Among all known brands around, Apple continues to be the choice for a lot of consumers as “it offers the best smartwatch experience.” I have to say it’s the must-have wearable purchase today.

But we’re not here just to talk about Apple Watch right?

We’re here to say we found the best wrap accessory.

To all Apple watch owners (and would-be too), you should consider getting a leather as this superb brand from Italy offers the best innovative design wrapped with an anatomy of elegance and premium style.

Meridio Leather Bands strive to bridge the distance between Italian tradition and to enhance the beauty of your Apple watch. It pursuits excellence with each of the products speaks of exclusive materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative design.

As this brand is made in Italy, you can certainly expect a high-quality band perfect to give your Apple watch an additional feel.


Here is an overview of Meridio’s bands collection. Get a glimpse of the strap’s texture, material, and feel. They offer different types of leather to cater for individual personalities and style. Options are limitless for you to choose.

- img 21 - Meridio Band for your Apple Watch: Where Luxury and Modern Technology Meet

For the complete description, color availability and pricing, please check out Meridio’s entire collection of stunning Apple watch bands.

- Meridio Collection - Meridio Band for your Apple Watch: Where Luxury and Modern Technology Meet

We are lucky to have two from their stunning collection – The Smoked Walnut from Vintage Collection and Southern Pine from Suede Collection. Both are excellent choices; in fact, we are torn between which one to try out first.

The packaging alone is so classy you may think there is a gadget wrapped inside. The leather is thick yet very smooth. Minor stitching in reverse color surely adds accent as well as it provides more character. The smell is good too.

- IMG 71d50eca399f93d1aea677a330a82fde V - Meridio Band for your Apple Watch: Where Luxury and Modern Technology Meet

- IMG a8c53078a0cc204c0101f3fbf79a1e22 V - Meridio Band for your Apple Watch: Where Luxury and Modern Technology Meet

There may be a lot of aftermarket bands available for your Apple Watch and certainly, getting Meridio bands will give you a world-class choice. They offer hefty options from their wide collection depending on your personality, lifestyle, and taste.  

Italy is internationally recognized as one of the world’s most important fashion capital. Knowing that production behind Meridio is from there will speak a lot about how good the quality is.

Their bands exude elegance, craftsmanship, and luxury. For sure you’ll get your money’s worth.


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