- MEZMO GLOBE COLORS - MEZMOGLOBE – check out this amazing desk toy

If you like toys, then the MEZMOGLOBE is your next must buy decoration. This captivating sphere will make you want to stare at for hours as it quietly hypnotizes you into a state of calm serenity.

Honestly, this thing is NEAT. It’s a machined aluminum globe on a spinning base. The way when you spin it, the grove in it appears to be cascading downwards, like water. Like a fountain but nothing wet needed.

- MEZMOGLOBE HAND - MEZMOGLOBE – check out this amazing desk toy

It’s totally quiet and quite so you can fiddle with it discreetly but honestly you’re going to want to show everyone because it’s just that cool. It comes in a variety of colors so pick one that suits your work space. Currently this is being Kickstarted and orders are expected to ship out in January. You can get one of these for £22.

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