- Mini Strandbeest alone - Mini Strandbeest – make your own wind powered walker

You may have seen the viral video of the giant “robots” who walk along beaches powered by nothing but the . It’s a neat trick of mechanics and although you probably cannot build hulking beasts to comb the deserts, you can recreate it on a smaller scale with the Mini Strandbeest, the DIY yourself kit that lets you build your own walker.

This is a reproduction of one that you may have seen in the video (which if you haven’t seen you can check out below). But in a size. So you can make it right at on your kitchen table. No large-scale workshop needed. It includes everything you need to put it together, no special tools called for. It will take about an hour and half to build from start to finish.

- Mini Strandbeest parts - Mini Strandbeest – make your own wind powered walker

It is completely powered by wind. On a day with a breeze or plopped in front of a low fan it will walk on its own. Or you can blow on it and it will move. A fun way to waste some time. You can build your own for $.90.

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