The digital bank’s beta is soaring as it another category for users, partnering with Scalable Capital, Wealthsimple and Zopa among others.


In an update to its first release, has added a new category to its beta: .


AltFi can now reveal that users on the beta can access digital wealth investment accounts from Scalable Capital, Wealthify, Wealthsimple and WiseAlpha, peer-to-peer accounts with Zopa, and property-backed investments with and Octopus Choice.


- DYRAhcbX0AAKG3E - Monzo adds investments and peer-to-peer lending to its marketplace


These are in addition to the savings accounts and energy switching services made available at the beginning of the month. However unlike those earlier categories, where Monzo can make a profit from a referral fee, the digital bank will not be earning any commission from its investment propositions.


Speaking in a statement on the marketplace’s initial release, Monzo’s head of partnerships Phil Hewinson said the Marketplace Beta is an “ongoing test”, to which the bank will be adding new services and partnerships all the .


The challenger opened up an interim third-party API earlier this year, to coincide with the launch of Open Banking. Integrations so far have included microinvestments app Moneybox, and personal finance manager Emma.


Emma CEO Edoardo Moreni, Scalable Capital UK CEO Simon Miller, and Zopa’s head of bank build Dider Baclin will all be appearing at the AltFi London Summit on March 26th. You can register now for tickets here.



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