Round 1:Telephonic of about 0 minutes asked following questions

1. what are immutable classes?

.What all classes are immutable in Java?

3.Why do we need Interfaces in Java when we have abstract classes?

4.Basic Linux commands

5. between Abstract Classes and Interfaces. Give any scenario.

6.Project Discussion.

7.How do you make class immutable?

8.String constant Pool?

Round 2: Technical

1.OOPS Concept

2. Difference between ==  and ===in Java Script?

3.What are primitive data types in Java Script?

4.How do you pass a long in Java Script?

5.Get the count of visit Every you visit a . How do you fetch it from Database? Give SQL Query for this?

6.Given a list of binary and decimal number how do check the number is binary or not (in Array List)?

7.Basic Linux Commands.

8.Project Discussion.

9. WAP to connect to oracle database in java using JDBC driver?

.You have given a two Map how do you copy the data of 2 Maps in Third Map? (I told Map.putAll())

11.Puzzle Water jug Problem

Round 3:(Technical + Managerial)

1.Project Discussion

2.OOPS Concept

3.Linux Questions

4. SQL queries including joins, group by, having, order by clause.


6.Some Scenario Based Questions

7.General Discussion on Profile


Round 4:(HR)

She was very cool and explained me about work-Culture in Company.This round was general Discussion with HR.

Round 5:(Co-Founder)

1.Multi Threading in java

2.Synchronized Function

3.SQL Query on JOIN,Group By,having ..

4.Heap and Stack Memory

5.Garbage Collection in java


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