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How do I access my multisig vault?

  1. Log in to your account at You cannot access your multisig vault using the .
  2. Navigate to the “Accounts” tab from the of the screen.
  3. Select your multisig vault from your list of accounts.
  4. Press the “Withdraw” button on your multisig vault.
  5. Select one of your other non-multisig Bitcoin accounts to transfer your funds to, enter in the amount to transfer, and any two factor authentication codes if needed. Then press the “Continue” button.
  6. On the next screen, enter your vault password into the password field, then press the “Approve” button.
  7. Once approved, your withdrawal will enter the 48-hour waiting period before the funds are transferred. There is no way to bypass this waiting period.

What if I don’t know my vault password?
If you don’t know your vault password, you can instead copy/paste the user seed into the password field. This will allow you to approve your withdrawal. The user seed was provided to you when you created your multisig vault.

Where do I find my vault password or user seed?
Your vault password is the phrase you chose when you created your multisig vault. The user seed is a string of numbers/letters that was provided to you during the creation of your multisig vault. You should have stored or saved both of these pieces of information when you created your vault.

What if I forgot/lost my vault password or user seed?
Unfortunately, Coinbase cannot provide or recover your vault password or user seed to your multisig vault. This has always been the case for multisig vaults. The multisig vault specifically puts you in control of your own , and Coinbase does not have access to your vault credentials. Because the vault cannot be accessed without these credentials, if you have forgotten/lost BOTH the vault password AND the user seed, your vault funds will be inaccessible. We apologize that there is nothing further we can do to help in that case.

What if I use a group multisig vault?
If your multisig vault is a group vault, it requires multiple approvals from different people for each withdrawal. Once you initiate your withdrawal, you should contact the other people who are approvers on your vault and make sure they log in to Coinbase to approve the withdrawal. To see a list of the people who are approvers on your multisig group vault, press the “…” button next to your vault and select “Vault Details.”

What will happen when Coinbase removes the multisig vault from my account list?
Once Coinbase removes multisig vaults from the account list, it will no longer be possible to access funds using the Coinbase interface. However, this open-source multisig tool will remain available and you can use this to withdraw your funds. Please note that the open-source multisig tool does not support group vaults.

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