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Many of us do happen to own a of stylish shades that will help us accessorize our wardrobe and at the same , keep out those harmful UV rays from entering our eyes. Well, has been around for a while, but here is another possible option that you might want to consider: Kibey Culture’s latest innovation that arrives in the form of the MusicLens. The MusicLens is a bone conduction sunglasses that will not only help spruce up your fashion sense, it will also be able to offer high-quality sound at the same time. With the all-new MusicLens Audio Sunglasses, listeners no longer need to tote around their earbuds, as they can “wear” their music with stylish designs that are in vogue with today’s modern lifestyle.

Right now, the MusicLens sunglasses are available on Kickstarter at a more affordable Super Early Bird special price, kicking off with just $69 for eyeglasses and $89 for sunglasses. Of course, for those who still cannot decide and are mulling over whether to pick a pair up or not, the final retail price is going to cost a whole lot more.

MusicLens was specially designed to target listeners who actually care about ambient sound, hearing health as well as their personal style, all rolled into one. It utilizes modern advances in bone-conduction listening technology, enabling one to enjoy their tunes, listen to the radio upon exhausting their own playlist, as well as answer incoming phone calls — all via the MusicLens itself. Other people will not have a semblance of an idea on what you are listening to, and another advantage is being able to tune in to the world around you due to its open ear design. Your hearing will be protected as well, since your eardrums will not be irritated in any way.

One can from Vogue or Modern sunglasses designs, while those who opt for eyeglasses will have to settle for the pure black Geek.

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