Hi iOS devs,
I’m about to release my first iOS , I have thus no experience with the store. Please be gentle, I hope it’s ok to post here even though it’s not programming related.

Maybe you know Epics popular game Fortnite. I’ve developed an inofficial companion app for this game.

Of course, when publishing this app to the app store, I’d like to get as much attention from the Fortnite community as possible.
If we look at another very popular game, Playerunknown’s Battleground, searching for this in the app store shows me many companion apps which even use the official name “PUBG” in the app title. Example

Quote from Apple’s guidelines:

The unauthorized use of trademarked terms, celebrity names, or other protected words and phrases is not and is a common reason for App Store rejection. The use of terms that are not relevant to the app and the use of competing app names are similarly prohibited.

I wonder how these apps bypassed Apples approval procedure and what they use so they are found when I’m actually looking for the original game.

What is also odd is that when I search for PUBG, I find Fortnite (a rather similar game). Does this mean that Fortnite used PUBG as keyword?

It’s all really confusing, so I’d be glad for any information.

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