My and I are recent university graduates. He studied and I studied computer science. He often comes to me with ideas and says we should build something, and when I reject them he thinks I’m being defeatist, and that in life you have to take risks. And I agree partly – people who reject ideas, or say ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘not necessary’ put themselves out of the running for being a winner. Elon Musk has built a global network of electronic car stations, and he did that very quickly. Someone might have said before that it would be too difficult, expensive, or unnecessary.

My friend’s idea is one I’ve heard of and thought about before – an app that brings all of your cards together, like Stocard, except that it should work for *everything* – as in, banks, transport card, things that previously had chips or magnetic strips. I suppose the idea is that you can then do away with your wallet completely except for your ID.

I rejected his idea, but I’m not very good with explaining why. I told him that it would be very difficult to get businesses to be motivated to agree to sign their cards onto this app. “Very difficult” is a slippery slope that sounds like a defeatist attitude, so I elaborated: I said that it would probably require a world-wide overhaul of many existing systems, but I don’t have any references to back up these statements.

Could I please get some help with this? Before I reject his idea – what steps would we need to do to make it happen? He seems to think we should just start working on the app, but I said that we should do research first. I need some help with ‘where to begin’ with this research stage.

I also that if we were to get a bank to sign up to this, they would have to have a very strong motivation for allowing a 3rd party to make transactions on their behalf. He said that the product placement of their brand in the app would be enough to motivate them. I disagreed without evidence. What can I do to show him this?

I recently directed him to the famous Reddit thread about the % Science-based Dragon MMO, because I thought bringing up the analogy was relevant, as this woman spent 2 years working on something that she ultimately didn’t know how to .

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