With words like “nanotechnology” and “auto-healing” I can’t think of a reason not to invest in this Kickstarter campaign, ThePhoneCoat.

I know that might sound like I’m joking, but I’m not, though both of those aforementioned phrases have been perhaps overused and thus designating them to buzz word .

But ThePhoneCoat seems like the deal and has already raised $18k of their $6k goal. So what is it?

PhoneCoat Demo  - f6627b89fce2f2a88c878b405a97635b original - Nanotech That Instantly Self Heals Your Smartphone

PhoneCoat vs traditional screen protector.

What is the PhoneCoat

It’s a skin that wraps around your phone, the screen. What makes it fairly innovative, is that it won’t show the signs of wearing like other skins, as it is self-healing. Of course, its ability to do this remains to be seen. But at $19 you’re not risking too much.

They plan to deliver the product in 3 months , June .

Features to note:

  • Just 0.2mm thick – they say it’s “almost” invisible
  • Cover the entire body of the phone (tablet, etc)
  • It’s transparent, so it won’t disrupt the design of your device
  • Unbreakable: it will absorb shocks, etc and thus protect your phone
ThePhoneCoast Screen Protector  - 883e22ca4ec53465c18b932bcc65eb6c original - Nanotech That Instantly Self Heals Your Smartphone

ThePhoneCoast Screen Protector

ThePhoneCoat: Nanotech That Self Your

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