Join Scott Hunter and members of the . Team as they introduce you to all the new features in . 2.0, our cross-platform, open source .. . Core 2.0 implements . Standard 2.0 which delivers on the promise of . everywhere and expands the API surface area to over ,000 members so that sharing libraries across all . workloads is much easier. We’ve also worked really hard on performance this release making . Core the fastest version of . ever. We’re also releasing updates to Visual Studio 17 (version 15.3) and  Visual Studio for Mac (version 7.1) that fully support .NET Core 2.0 and have many new tooling features. Learn about the .NET Core 2.0 release and download today!


[0:00:00] Scott Hunter introduces .NET Core 2.0 & .NET Standard 2.0

[0:07:49] .NET Standard 2.0 demo

[0:10:08] Performance improvements

[0:11:37] Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 new features

[0:14:36] Kasey Uhlenhuth demos Visual Studio

[0:27:58] Serverless computing with Azure Functions & Visual Studio

[0:29:20] Andrew Hall demos Azure Functions

[0:39:29] Visual Studio for Mac version 7.1 new features

[0:39:56] James Montemagno demos Visual Studio for Mac

[0:48:26] ASP.NET Core 2.0 new features

[0:50:14] Scott Hunter demos ASP.NET Core Azure diagnostics & live analytics

[0:56:00] Dan Roth demos ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

[1:08:23] Entity Framework Core 2.0 new features

[1:10:18] Diego Vega demos Entity Framework Core

[1:19:39] .NET application architecture guides & samples

[1:21:05] takeaways & wrap up

.NET Core 2.0 Released! - feed WT - .NET Core 2.0 Released!

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