This is a recording of .  from March, 11th 2015. In this session, we’re focusing on ASP.NET 5 and DNX, the new cross-platform .NET execution environment. The talk is given by Eilon Lipton, a development manager on the ASP.NET team.

About .NET Internals. This is a weekly series of meetings for all members of the .NET team where we discuss topics to help further fundamental understanding of .NET, including the runtime and libraries. Each session is typically more of a group discussion than a lecture, with a leader whose purpose is to organize and guide discussion. Topics may be very .NET specific, or more general, and they may cover anywhere from low-level details of the system to higher level design and history. We usually say "Doors close at 4:02! Please, no in this meeting. It is distracting for others, and it is difficult for you to participate in the discussion while reading email."

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