In a world where reporting on and analyzing was complex and expensive, we transformed the warehousing and analytics landscape by providing a purpose-built solution designed to deliver leading price performance, simplicity and low cost of ownership.

The world of data in is much different than in 2003. We now see a drive towards AI, the emergence of cloud and the prevalence of big data across industries. However, the core business problems that our clients face complexity, high cost and operational efficiency remain unchanged.

With this, has introduced the IBM Integrated Analytics System. Built on Netezza technology, this hybrid data warehouse system was designed for the world of big data and cloud. With built-in machine learning capabilities, the IBM Integrated Analytics System was designed with data science in mind. It was built to meet the challenges of the growing volume, velocity and variety of data generated from technologies of the future: artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things () and cloud. It was also built to have the ability to accommodate new forms of unstructured and semi-structured data. 

- Introducing 20the 20IBM 20Analytics 20System embed - Netezza evolves into the IBM Integrated Analytics SystemThe IBM Integrated Analytics System is the culmination of more than 20 years of data warehouse and analytics system design, as well as the deployment experience gained from working with thousands of clients across multiple industries and regions. This solution offers an extension to cloud and it has native compatibility to Netezza.  

For our clients who have older models of Twin Fin and Striper, these systems will no longer be supported as early as 20 June 2019, (as noted in the IBM withdrawal statement posted April 2018), so now is the perfect to upgrade. IBM Integrated Analytics System has native compatibility with existing Netezza systems, helping to provide a smooth transition. IBM has developed services and tools to help ensure a quick and reliable upgrade with little disruption to business. With a host of added capabilities, this hybrid data warehouse appliance is a stepping stone from operational reporting to the world of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

For those looking to move directly to the cloud, the IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud provides an elastic, fully managed cloud data warehouse service. Similar to the IBM Integrated Analytics System, IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is powered by IBM BLU Acceleration technology and designed to have increased performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale. It also has native Netezza compatibility. IBM can help you move to the cloud with upgrade assistance, licensing exchanges and special pricing.

IBM looks to simplify the often-complex world of analytics by creating the next generation solutions that help clients to quickly adopt emerging technologies and begin the journey to AI, IoT and cloud seamlessly and with reduced risk. 

Stay tuned for our next post, in which we will further delve into IBM Integrated Analytics System and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud benefits and compatibility when upgrading from your existing Netezza system.

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