New eBook: The Complete Guide to Automated Root Cause Analysis - ebook automation - New eBook: The Complete Guide to Automated Root Cause Analysis

A guide to getting started with Automated Root Cause analysis

We spend our nights here at OverOps dreaming of a fully-automated world. It might seem a bit weird, but can you imagine how much happier you and your team would be minus those sleepless nights and endless days sifting through log files trying to figure out what went wrong?

Those mundane manual tasks are slowing us down as we aim to build innovative technologies. So, what if they were eliminated from your day-to-day life altogether? Imagine automated alerting and an empty exceptions inbox. It’s all possible, and we’re sharing all of the best practices for automating your root cause analysis right here.

Handling exceptions isn’t just about fixing a problem, it’s about understanding the inner workings of your application. With automated root cause analysis, we’re improving your visibility of your Java application in production so debugging doesn’t take up so much of your valuable time.

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Chapter outline

1. Reverse Engineering the Ideal Monitoring Setup for Your Production Environment
– In this chapter, we’ll lay out our guide to the tooling ecosystem and begin talking about implementing Automated Root Cause analysis.

2. The 7 Undeniable Benefits of Implementing Automated Alerting
– This chapter covers the ins and outs of ensuring that your alerts are meaningful and not just added noise.

3. Getting to Inbox Zero With Automated Exception Handling
– In this chapter, we’re introducing the concept of an inbox zero policy for exceptions and how to get there with Automated Root Cause.

4. Study: The Top 10 Causes for Unhappiness Among Developers
– We’re looking at a new study that lays out the main reasons that lead to unhappy software developers. Spoilers: One reason for unhappiness is lack of productivity.

5. How Comcast Automates Production Debugging to Serve Over 10 Million Users
Comcast’s Executive Director of Product, John McCann, explains how Automated Root Cause detection helps his team stay on top of every new error introduced to the X1 XFINITY platform

The full guide is now available for download. Check it out.

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