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When using service autowiring, the _defaults.bind option allows to
bind arguments by name or type. For example, you can define the value of
$projectDir once in your and every service that uses a constructor
argument with that name will use its value:

# config/services.yaml
            $projectDir: '%kernel.project_dir%'

However, if some controller action defines a $projectDir argument, this
configuration doesn’t apply to it and the argument is not autowired:

 * @Route("/do-something")
public function somethingAction($projectDir)
    // the $projectDir argument is not given the configured value

In controllers, you needed to use the $this->getParameter('kernel.project_dir')
shortcut or pass the value through the controller’s __construct() method.
This behavior didn’t provide a consistent experience (service constructor binding
behaved differently than controller action binding) and it was the last rough
edge about .

That’s why in 4.1 you can bind scalar values to controller arguments.
Define the binding as usual in _defaults.bind and then add the arguments to
the controller actions (there’s no need to define a constructor method for them).

Kévin Dunglas  - e66449b8260b07a1cf51c5ab5eaa8180 - New in Symfony 4.1: Autowiring improvements (Symfony Blog)

Service decoration allows to change the behavior of a service without
affecting to the other uses of the original service. When decorating services,
the config requires to pass the decorated service as an argument using a special
naming syntax:

# config/services.yaml
    # this is the service you want to decorate
    AppMailer: ~

        decorates: AppMailer

        # you must pass the original service as an argument, and its name
        # is: "decorating service ID" + ".inner"
        arguments: ['@AppDecoratingMailer.inner']

Although explicit, this config looks like an internal Symfony detail. That’s why
in Symfony 4.1 the inner service is automatically autowired if possible. This is
the new config for the same example as before:

# config/services.yaml
    AppMailer: ~

        decorates: AppMailer

The automatic configuration of the decorated service is done when the following
conditions are met:

  1. The decorating service is autowired;
  2. The constructor of the decorating service has only one argument of the type
    of the decorated service.

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