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Here’s Loxone’s latest module, the 

In our homes, a pleasant temperature combined with good air quality – collectively known as room climate – have a significant influence on our general well being. If the temperature, humidity, and air quality are not in harmony this can really affect our general demeanour or even our health.

With the Room Comfort Sensor, the Loxone Smart Home can now reliably read the important variables that affect room climate; the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. With this information, a Loxone Smart Home could ensure that the climate in each room in your home is just right, the whole day through.

Version 10 of our suite of smart home is packed with enhancements for smart room climate control, so we’ll be releasing V10 and the Room Comfort Sensor Tree together at the end of September. You can pre-order your Room Comfort Sensor Tree today to receive yours as part of the first shipment and you’ll be enjoying the ideal room climate in no !

The Loxone software V10 Partner Preview is just out and the official release will be available around the end of this month. Check out the video below to see how fast the Room Comfort Sensor can be installed…

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