Over the past few months, published a number of resources for people to learn more about . We started with educational asset pages and a dedicated section of our website focused on learning the basics of blockchains. But one of the most commonly requested features is to get real updates about the crypto . Starting today, we’ll begin surfacing news articles from various third party news providers in the Coinbase .

It’s clear that education is a barrier to feeling confident and ready to get started with crypto. In fact, our research found that nearly half of all people who consider themselves beginners at crypto said it would be useful to see industry news directly in the Coinbase app.

Our goal is to provide Coinbase customers with easier access to relevant and current news about the cryptocurrency space. Like past education initiatives, we’ll experiment and iterate on how we surface news to Coinbase customers. This feature will only be available to a subset of users during the testing phase, and we look forward to rolling it out for everyone in the future. Over time, we’ll also incorporate news in different ways —  on individual asset pages. We’re optimistic that news articles will help more people understand and interact with cryptocurrency with confidence and we’ll continue building experiences that make cryptocurrency more accessible.

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