Starting today, our suite of payment solutions will be expanding. The
Payment API enables merchants and developers to turbocharge checkout conversion
by offering your users an easy way to pay with credit and debit cards saved to
their Google Account. Users will have multiple Google payment options at their
fingertips, like a credit or a debit card previously saved via Android Pay, a
payment card used to transact on the Play Store or a form of payment stored via
Chrome. And they’ll be able to use these saved payment options in third-party
and sites, as well as on Google when they are on-the-go.

new ways to put users at the center of your apps and payments - Pay 2Bwith 2BGoogle 2BAssistant Panera 2B 2528for 2Bblog 2529 - New Ways to Put Users at the Center of Your Apps and Payments
Paying with Google for Panera Bread on Google Assistant

For users, this means faster checkout. Now they’ll never miss a deal because
they’re stuck on a bus and don’t want to pull out their credit card in front of
strangers. They’ll no longer experience the pain of stumbling on a
sale that ends at midnight when they’re tucked in bed with their credit card out
of reach. Users can save time and headache by using credit and debit cards
they’ve already saved to their Google Account whenever they see the option to
pay with Google on supported apps or sites.

For developers, this API is a significant innovation that can enable faster
checkout, drive more conversions, increase sales and reduce abandoned carts—all
with a simple integration. Learn more about our Google Payment API here.

Earn more from your apps with the brand new AdMob

People turn to their mobile devices throughout the day to shop, communicate and
stay entertained. For developers, in- purchases are one way to monetize. Ads
are another way.
AdMob was built to support the app ecosystem. With over 1 million apps across
iOS and Android, AdMob has paid over $3.5 dollars in ads revenue to
. But there’s more we can do to help you succeed.

Today, we’re introducing a completely redesigned AdMob. Rebuilt from the ground
up, AdMob is now simpler to use and delivers richer insights about your users’
in-app experiences.

Simpler to use: We’ve applied Material Design to all aspects of the AdMob look
and feel to deliver an easy-to-use and intuitive experience across the entire
platform—on mobile and desktop. You’ll get more done in less time. Below you can
see how easy it is to pick an app that you’re monitoring, check out its key
metrics and then quickly take action to fine-tune its performance.

new ways to put users at the center of your apps and payments - AdMob Image Generic Networks - New Ways to Put Users at the Center of Your Apps and Payments
Redesigned AdMob experience

Deeper insights:
We’ve also integrated Google Analytics for
Firebase into the core of the redesigned AdMob so you have quick access to the
metrics that matter most for your business. Once you link
your AdMob and Firebase accounts, you’ll have access to detailed ad revenue data
and user insights like time spent in the app and in-app purchases—all in one

new ways to put users at the center of your apps and payments - AdMob 2BImage 2B2 2B  2BBlog - New Ways to Put Users at the Center of Your Apps and Payments
Google Analytics for Firebase dashboard in AdMob

Know your user, find your user with Universal App Campaigns

Earning money from your app is one piece of the puzzle. You also need to think
about how to grow your user base.

Google’s app innovations have delivered over 5 billion installs from ads
and we are now helping developers drive over 3 billion in-app events per
—like users adding something to their cart or reaching level 3
of a game. Developers have gravitated toward Universal App
(UAC) as the “one stop shop” campaign type that scales your reach
and maximizes app installs across Google’s largest properties: Google Play,
Search, YouTube, Gmail and the Display Network. UAC uses Google’s machine
learning technology to evaluate numerous signals in time, refining each ad
to help you reach your most engaged users. We’re continuing to double down on
UAC, with all new innovations being built into UAC to make app promotion even
more effective.

Engage users in key moments of discovery with new UAC placements
in Google Play

Android reaches more than 2 billion active devices every month, with Google Play
available in 190+ countries around the world. It’s the place users come to
discover new apps and games. Beyond searching for apps to try, users are
increasingly browsing the Play store and finding recommendations for new apps. 

To help those users discover more of your apps, we are introducing new
ad placements on the and app listing pages in the Google Play
. These new placements, available exclusively through UAC, help
you reach users in “discovery mode” as they swipe, tap and scroll in search of
their next app. 

new ways to put users at the center of your apps and payments - Play Ads SC Anim Lrg - New Ways to Put Users at the Center of Your Apps and Payments
New ad placements reach users browsing in Google Play

Discover more of your best users with new bidding options in

Some users are more valuable to your business than others, like the players who
level-up in your game or the loyal travelers who book several flights a month.
That’s why we’re expanding Smart Bidding
in UAC to help you acquire more of these high-value users. Using
Smart Bidding, you can tailor bids for your unique business goals – target cost
per acquisition (tCPA) or target return on ad spend (tROAS). UAC delivers the
right users based on your objectives: installs, events and, coming soon,
. This update starts rolling out to iOS and Android developers and
advertisers in the coming months. 

Introducing App Attribution Partners, a new measurement program 

Many developers rely on third-party measurement providers to measure the impact
of ads and gain valuable insights about how users engage with your app. To help
you take action on these insights in a faster and more seamless way, we are
introducing App
Attribution Partners
, a new program designed to integrate data from 7 global
companies right into AdWords.

Welcome to adjust, Adways, AppsFlyer, Apsalar, CyberZ, Kochava and TUNE… we’re
thrilled to have them onboard!

AdWords’ integration with these partners ensures that you have consistent,
reliable and more granular data where you review app metrics. Now you can take
action with confidence and stay on top of your business performance.

As consumers live more of their lives online, it’s increasingly important for
developers to build user-centric experiences in everything that you do—from the
apps you design, to the experiences you deliver, to the ways you help people
transact. We know it’s not always easy, so Google is here to help.

We look
forward to continuing on this journey with you.

Posted by Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce

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