Chair and Coordinator: Dr. Nicola Fabiano, Studio Legale Fabiano, Rome, Italy

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INTERNET 18, The Tenth International Conference on Evolving Internet
June 24, to June 28, – Venice, Italy

Internet of Things () is evolving continuously and we can define it also as Internet of everything. Blockchain is another emerging phenomenon with great potential both for its applications and for the legal issues related to it. Blockchain is a decentralized technology or distributed approach on which transactions are anonymously recorded. Blockchain is a special self-maintaining database. Each entity in networking can use blockchain services. Blockchain crosses jurisdictional boundaries as the nodes on a blockchain can be located anywhere on the planet. This might rise numerous and complex jurisdictional issues which ask for careful consideration in relation to the relevant contractual relationships.

There issues to b explored related to service levels, performance, liability, intellectual property, , autonomous organization, smart contacts (between things), compliance, due diligence, yet enforcing scalability and .

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