If you are going to go through all of the trouble of installing a security camera, you might as well go all out and get one that packs in robotic technology. No, I don’t mean a robot that patrols your yard and actually captures burglars for you, but that would be cool. I’m talking about the Nightwatcher Robotic LED Light And Wireless HD Security Camera.

Robotic Technology

This camera uses robotic lighting technology to protect your property. It does this by using a super-bright that locks on and follows an intruder. And since this model also has a high definition security camera that starts recording when motion is detected, you are going to have some detailed video of the intruder. How many home security systems have those features?

Just connect it to your wireless internet and it will alert you whenever motion is detected so you can view the live video on your smartphone. This latest version of the camera uses one super bright 1 Watt COB to generate 00 lumens of light.

You’re used to motion activated lights that just light up when motion is detected, but the ’s robotic light locks on and follows any trespasser across three separate detection zones. This will scare a burglar much more effectively as he tries to evade the light, but he can’t since it is following his every move. You don’t mess with robotic security. This guy will run away and find someone else to victimize.

This model also features a high definition (720p) camera that will record and store video on an SD card. When connected to your Wi-Fi, the will alert you whenever motion is detected.

It Lights Them Up and Follows Them

Optional audio warnings play a barking dog sound, a chime, or you can record two 10 second messages. I suggest something like the sound of a shotgun being primed, followed by a stern warning.

This is a security camera that is effective at keeping your home safe.

Nightwatcher Robotic LED Light And Wireless Security Camera

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