Rear Alert by monitoring if the rear doors were opened at the start of a trip, but not opened when you park. RDA will start with an instrument cluster notification to the back , and from there it “progresses to subtle, distinctive chirps of the horn” if you still haven’t opened the rear door.

Nissan promises the feature will be in all its vehicles by 2022, and in the model year it’s baked into the Altima and Sentra sedans, and the Rogue. You might’ve even spotted it in Pathfinder SUVs, too. This isn’t the first we’ve seen the feature R; GM offers something similar R; and Nissan promises soon enough we’ll hear word of another five models rocking it as standard equipment.

Of course, you could always double-check the cargo area and back seat yourself before leaving, but it’s nice to have a reminder in case your infant or dog is taking a nap.

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