I’m interested in setting up simple http endpoints (sometimes with forms or just to handle json), processing messages from queues, batch processing, and easily listening to streams of from social media and rss feeds.

Has anyone used both and have opinions on how Node Red and Apache Nifi compare? I’ve been testing both of these for the past two days, and it feels like Node Red is easier to use but Apache Nifi has marginally more processors. Node Red seemed to have a lot more fun toys out of the but Apache Nifi processors seemed to have more configuration options in case scaling ever becomes a priority.

Node Red’s message passing the the msg json objects was really intuitive, and even though it’s only been a few hours working with Nifi I still haven’t really figured out how to read, manipulate, and write flow files, or how to set up an easy debug console to debug flows as easily as Node Red.

I’ve been doing some research on Node Red vs Nifi for the use cases I mentioned before, and I haven’t seen Node Red mentioned on this subreddit before. It seems most people who would fall in the “big data” space use Nifi, so I would like to like it too but now I’m skeptical if that’s the right choice since Node Red was ridiculously easy to setup install and make something productive within minutes.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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