originally bought Withings to take on Apple’s HealthKit, in what seemed at the like a lucrative consumer that could crossover to the business-oriented health industry. Nokia’s idea was to collect health like heartrate, blood pressure and weight from users and use it for its own medical business, WellCare.

- Nokia Products Ecosystem US - Nokia is selling its Health business back to the former owner

Nokia’s rebranded Withings digital health products

Once it had purchased the French company, Nokia re-branded all the products, despite the fact that Withings did have some cachet in the digital health wearable business. Nokia effectively handed control of its health business to Withings. “We’re paying for the company, but in reality it’s Withings that’s going to be running the entire digital health business at Nokia,” Nokia President Ramzi Haidamus told Engadget at the time.

However, activity trackers and other health-related wearables have been tanking in the consumer market unless your company name is “Apple.” Fitbit, for one, has recorded four consecutive losses, despite having sold some 70 million devices to date. It’s not clear if Nokia sought other buyers before it decided to enter negotiations with Carreel, but TechCrunch reports that Google’s Nest and Samsung looked at the company before today’s deal. Engadget has reached out to both parties for clarification.

No deal has been finalized, and the sale is subject to certain terms and conditions, but Nokia said it expects to close the deal in late Q2 of . Nokia’s Digital Health business consists of smartwatches, scales, and digital health devices, most of which (like the Activité) were originally developed by Withings.

Nokia said before that up to 25 people might be laid off from its Digital Health business. Prior to Nokia’s purchase, Withings employed around 200 people, mostly in France, but also in the US, the UK and Hong Kong.

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