Nokia teaming up with Bosch for industrial IoT play - xteamwork meeting concept picture id588960966 - Nokia teaming up with Bosch for industrial IoT play

Nokia has entered into a strategic partnership with Bosch Devices and Solutions to make it feasible for enterprises and communications service providers to easily deploy industrial solutions from sensors through to applications.

The initial work will focus on asset tracking, predictive maintenance and environmental monitoring use cases. Both companies are currently conducting several customer trials in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and commercially available solutions expected in early .

Nokia will be providing its IoT connectivity, IMPACT/Netguard secure IoT Cloud platform and WING for IoT connectivity services by leveraging the ecosystem of operators and sensing services, whereas Bosch will provide connected sensor devices to enable industrial customers to improve their overall equipment efficiency and safety.

These devices measure and transmit relevant environmental based on high-quality Bosch MEMS sensors embedded in an energy-efficient architecture. The partnership will enable easier and more rapid development of solutions designed for large logistics providers, operators and industrial players.

In another strategic collaboration, Nokia and Amazon Services (AWS) will expedite the migration of service provider applications to the cloud and drive digital innovation for large enterprise customers. As sister publication CloudTech reported, the two companies will bring together a unique and powerful set of solutions that will enable service providers to implement cloud strategies faster leveraging Nokia’s expertise in wireless, wireline and 5G technologies.

Solutions such as the Nokia SD-WAN and its IMPACT IoT platform – along with AWS Greengrass, machine learning and artificial intelligence services – will help large organisations that require fully managed connectivity to access cloud infrastructure, and fully integrated IoT and analytics solutions to enhance their productivity and ease of digitalisation.

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