Not the Internet of Things – but more the ‘internet of intelligence’ for consumers - xtechnology picture id651166010 - Not the Internet of Things – but more the ‘internet of intelligence’ for consumers

Although the Internet of Things () is helping consumers to handle everything via voice command or the click of a button, there is an increased demand for ‘internet of intelligence’ solutions which can help solve day-to-day tasks more intelligently, recent research has revealed.

The research conducted by Magid, on behalf of CTAM, examined the dynamic behaviour, preferences, expectations and aspirations of consumers. According to the research, time is an invaluable aspect for consumers who are in search of intelligent solutions that can anticipate their requirements and manage recurring tasks that are to be performed on a daily basis.

For the research, Magid polled over 100 early adopters of IoT as well as prospect consumers and found that both the groups are passionate about potentials that can be offered by IoT but they are equally concerned about issues such as reliability, cost, and .

It was also found that consumers are worried about trying new technology, particularly when it becomes more advanced in its capabilities. In this scenario, the brand that can help consumers ease these concerns will gain their , which also implies more business for the future. According to recent statistics, there will be an average of 50 connected devices in a US home by 20.

Elsewhere, a Grand View Research report projected that the value of the global smart TV market will hit $292.55 by 2025. A trend anticipated to make way in the smart TV industry is the introduction of 4K resolution-equipped TVs together with shifting preference toward screens that have OLED and QLED technologies.

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