The biggest addition in the involves . You can now search handwritten notes from the Library and within a specific note.

Any handwritten note can now also be converted into text. Just to note, the first time you launch the after updating the library will be scanned and indexed for handwriting. If you have a significant amount of handwriting, that process may take a while.

With the Multi-Note feature for iPads, you can work with two different notes side by side. And a new note switcher makes it easy to switch between notes quickly. That feature even supports audio recording and playback.

In the Library, you can view a new recent notes features that shows the most recently opened notes.

An updated Help Center also features articles and tutorials to learn the finer points of the app.

Designed for the iPhone and all models, can be downloaded now on the App Store for $9.99.

Notability’s combination of numerous features, an intelligently-designed interface, a fluid, readable handwriting experience, and value is enough to make it unbeatable. The app has a host of great features and they are virtually all implemented in a highly intuitive, user-friendly manner.

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