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I’m a behavioral economics researcher, and we use applications to perform the field research. You can find the source code of our first research app at

For the upcoming research, I am modifying the existing research application referred above. The new research app would need to function differently whether the user is attending an ongoing meeting with invitees specified in the . I can find a lot of code examples that deals with events, but considering that my need is so stupendously simple, reading implementations to figure out the right way for this need feels like searching a needle in the haystack.

How could I easily determine how many are attending in the ongoing event? I would ideally implement a “CalendarUtils” function that would return an integer for the of the application logic. If there are multiple entries going on at the same , the function would pick the highest of of the ongoing events.

I’m willing to spend time to figure it out, but getting started is sometimes the hardest part.

Thanks for all the help in !

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