While there is much to be said for the multi- input of modern gaming controllers, and even full keyboards, you can accomplish many tasks with only single . That’s the idea behind this Arduino setup from “Volos Projects.”

The body of this device is formed by a sharp looking black aluminum extrusion project . An Arduino Nano almost fits inside as originally intended, but a much smaller Pro Mini is instead used to allow everything to fit properly. Along with the Pro Mini, a PCB for the tiny 64×48 pixel OLED screen is mounted inside, with wiring leading to the screen itself attached to the outside of the enclosure. A single button is added to the as an interface, along with a switch that controls the system’s power from a 0 mAh battery.

The result is a tiny gadget that could be considered “cute” if it didn’t also look so rugged and industrialized. As shown in the video, it’s able to function as a handheld counter, a stopwatch, and even a Flappy Bird . A parts list, plus the needed schematic and code, is available in the video’s description.

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