Employees come and go, or switch departments, so IT managers seek an automated way to give (or deny) them access privileges to corporate systems. Two of the software products for and access management (IAM) are and Identity , according to IT Central Station, an online community where IT professionals review enterprise products.

Both products have their fans who say the sophisticated software helps them handle routine access tasks … without paperwork. But users also note that there are areas where the products have room for improvement — areas such as the interface, initial setup and vendor support, according to reviews at IT Central Station. Plus, several users said the vendors need to migrate these products to the cloud.

IT Central Station has produced a 63-page report that compares the two rival products, based on commentary from enterprise users about the strengths and weaknesses of each product.

Register now to download your free copy of the report, “User Reviews of Oracle Identity Manager and CA Identity Manager.”

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