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Have you made any decisions for adding new ?
No. As of 16, 2018, we have not made any decisions for adding new assets. The internal asset selection committee has been assessing assets using our Digital Asset Framework, but no assets have been recommended to the executive team.

What criteria does Coinbase use when considering new assets to add?
The Digital Asset Framework highlights our criteria for supporting new assets.

Will Coinbase list all the top assets by capitalization?
No. We will only consider assets that pass our Digital Asset Framework.

Will all assets listed on GDAX also be listed on Coinbase?
Not necessarily. We currently believe that over the next few years, GDAX will likely have more assets listed on the platform than the Coinbase platform. However, all assets listed on GDAX will be part of the Coinbase Index and Coinbase Index Fund.

Are there trading and confidentiality restrictions for members of the asset selection committee?
Yes. These individuals are subject to additional confidentiality and trading restrictions beyond the standard employee confidentiality and trading policy, including heightened disclosure and pre-clearance obligations. Committee members, like all other employees, are prohibited from trading on the basis of material non-public information.

Does this apply to forked or airdropped assets?
Yes, but with the variation that we may offer a forked or airdropped asset in withdrawal-only mode, e.g. similar to how we allowed customers to withdraw Ethereum Classic (ETC).

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