Oval v2  - oval 2 - OVAL 2.0 – The All-In-One Smart Home Protection Device – Automated Home

A new smart product from OVAL has been launched on Kickstarter with delivery expected this Autumn.

OVAL sensors are an all-in-one devices and can monitor and detect changes in motion, temperature, humidity, light and water – quickly sending alerts to the user’s phone or email. Additional notifications can be sent to family, friends, neighbours and work colleagues when the user is unavailable. The makers say OVAL can turn any ordinary object or area into a smart one.

The company already successfully released v1 on the last year. OVAL 2.0 will have new design and will bring IFTTT , it can now be used with hundreds of smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home…

Oval v2 - Works With  - oval works with - OVAL 2.0 – The All-In-One Smart Home Protection Device – Automated Home

The new OVAL v2.0 can alert users if doors, windows, private or dangerous items are accessed. Or if there is water detected from bad weather, leaking pipes or failing appliances. Monitor the temperature and humidity of an area or items like food, medicine, or plants. Plus, conserve energy and money on heating and electric bills.

The OVAL has also been redesigned and includes powerful new features such as a real-time view of the sensors and analytics to help users identify trends, and improve behaviours to help increase safety, conserve energy and save money.

The new OVAL is available for pre-order now exclusively through Kickstarter on the link below.   :  Oval 2 on Kickstarter

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