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I’ve had a dash camera in my last couple of cars. They’re fairly dumb affairs though and this seems like one of the areas that’s ripe for improvement.

Here’s a new smarter affair from a startup lead by a former member of the team that designed the first iPods and iPhones. The provides inside and outside facing HD cameras along with capture, anti-theft floodlights and push notifications to your phone..

Its LTE connection means it’s always on and saving to the cloud (24 hours of video can be stored). You can even get a live of your car (check up on your teenage drivers anyone?). You can stream up to 60 minutes a month (unlimited over WiFi). You can still use the Owl Cam App to access and share videos from your Owl Car Cam without the 4G subscription too.

Make sure to check out the 2nd video below for a good look at its capabilities.

Available now for $349 –

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