The interesting design of the GoSafe 5 96p Super Wide Angle Cam lets you carry it around with style. You can never deny the fact that cams have become popular nowadays. The reason is that the desire to record street happenings to serve as evidence has drastically increased. Thus, every 1 or 2 months, a new cam product is launched by various dashboard camera manufacturers like the Transcend, BlackVue, Thinkware, and Falcon.

- GoSafe - Papago’s GoSafe 535: The Most Lightweight and Appealing Dash Cam

The GoSafe 535 does not only have an eye-catching solid design; it also has a road safety device. This device can alert you every time you’re distracted while driving.

The Papago’s GoSafe 535 design quality was excellent as compared to its previous model like the GoSafe 520. The design is very , so it won’t keep distracting you while you drive. You can simply hide it at the back of your rearview mirror. The black color even makes it better to hide. Apart from being tiny, the GoSafe 535 is also very lightweight. Once you take a hold of this dash cam, you’ll barely feel that it’s already on your palm.

This Polaroid looking dash cam has USB, HD out and Reset buttons on its right side. On the other side, the power button and memory slot are available so you can manually turn your camera on and off. However, it is also programmed to automatically turn on once the 12V cord is plugged in and the car engine is ignited. The OK, lock, and control buttons are found near the 2’ LCD screen.

- GoSafe 1 - Papago’s GoSafe 535: The Most Lightweight and Appealing Dash Cam

Dash Cam manufacturers don’t usually give you 2 options on how you want your dash cam to be mounted. With GoSafe 535, you are given 2 options of mounting – the suction cup mount and 3M adhesive mount. Whatever mounting you prefer, this Papago dash cam can guarantee that you’ll have the best dash cam mount ever.


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Papago’s GoSafe 535: The Most Lightweight and Appealing Dash Cam

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