- Paper Watch in use - Paper Watch – tired of Apple, try paper

Do you like watches but find that they’re just to heavy for your active and lightweight lifestyle? Well good news, the Paper Watch is a wearable that tells and weighs next to nothing because it is made out of good, old fashion (or something pretty close to it).

This lightweight time piece feels soft other wrist. Actually it feels like almost nothing because it’s made out of paper. It does keep time, you can set it and everything that you would do with a normal only this one is made from Tyvek (not just, cardstock or something) which means that it is surprisingly tough and can stand up to even a little water.

- Paper Watch colors - Paper Watch – tired of Apple, try paper

I have to ask why though? What is the purpose besides novelty? Of course, is not novelty a valid purpose in and of itself? Does everything need to be more functional than conventional choices to warrant attention? If you’ve been reading Red Ferret for a while then you’ll know the answer is novelty is enough. The watch is pretty neat and comes in a variety of different color combinations. You can get one for $27.49.

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